Moira Haller, Ph.D.

About Dr. Haller

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with 15 years of experience providing mental health assessment and treatment in a variety of settings.  My therapy style is warm, collaborative, transparent, and always focused on meeting my client’s specific treatment goals. I strongly believe that mental health recovery is possible with the correct tools and support.  I am passionate about helping my clients to not just “get by,” but instead to thrive and live rich, meaningful, fulfilling lives.


Treatment Approach

My approach to therapy is rooted in evidence-based practice, meaning that I start with treatments that have been scientifically-proven and then tailor them for my clients’ needs. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) currently has the strongest evidence for effectively treating PTSD, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, insomnia, and addictions.  CBT teaches an individual to identify and change unhelpful thoughts and behaviors and that are keeping them stuck. I incorporate acceptance and mindfulness-based techniques for coping with painful life situations beyond one’s control.

Effective therapy does not last indefinitely; most effective treatments last from 12-16 sessions on average (treatment for insomnia is shorter). 

Education, Training, and Experience.

  • B.A. cum laude and with Honors in Psychology, Northwestern University
  • M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Arizona State University
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Arizona State University
  • Pre-doctoral internship, University of California, San Diego/San Diego VA
  • Postdoctoral fellowship, University of California, San Diego/San Diego VA
  • Licensed as a Psychologist, California Board of Psychology (PSY 27262)
  • Associate Clinical Professor, UCSD Department of Psychiatry
  • Staff Psychologist, VA San Diego

I have worked as a psychologist at the VA San Diego since 2016 and am an Associate Professor of Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry at University of California, San Diego. At VA San Diego, I have worked as a PTSD/Substance Use Disorder Specialist, as well as a psychologist in the Telemental Health program. I previously directed the PTSD track of the San Diego VA’s residential substance use treatment program.  I have abundant experience and established expertise treating and training others to effectively treat PTSD, anxiety disorders, and their comorbidities. Comorbidities may include substance use disorders, insomnia, and depression. I have also been a Co-Investigator on multiple research studies examining how to most effectively treat PTSD/substance use and trauma-related guilt.


Research Publications

I have authored dozens of articles published in scientific journals and continue to actively collaborate on research with colleagues at UCSD. My research centers on advancing the understanding and treatment of individuals with PTSD and substance use disorders.

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Throughout my career I have worked to educate myself on how various diversity factors influence mental health and treatment processes. These factors may include race/ethnicity, age, gender, LGBTQ+ status, disability, veteran status, religion, and socioeconomic status. I know that one’s cultural identity has a profound impact on how they experience the world. I am fortunate to have worked with an extremely diverse population, with clients from all walks of life.


I strive to create a welcoming space where individuals from backgrounds and perspectives different from my own feel comfortable and seen. I am deeply committed to serving individuals from historically marginalized communities.


On a personal note…

On a personal note, I enjoy hiking, long walks with friends, cooking, reading, exploring the great outdoors, and spending time with my family and 14 year old rescue dog, Penelope.