Free initial phone consultation: Please contact me to schedule a 15-minute phone call to determine whether I am the right therapist to meet your needs.


Individual assessment and therapyAll assessment and therapy are currently being conducted online via secure, HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing. Therapy typically takes place once per week, and almost always includes practice outside of sessions. Therapy most often begins with assessment for a session or two in which I get to know you, your background, and your treatment goals. Together we will determine the treatment plan that best meets your needs. Most people find their symptoms significantly improve within 8-20 sessions following the assessment, with 12 sessions being about average.  Sometimes clients have very specific, short-term goals that can be accomplished in as few as 1-4 sessions. Complex or chronic issues sometimes warrant longer-term treatment, and treatment length is driven by the client’s treatment goals.


Massed therapy: For some people, attending therapy multiple times a week but for a short period of time (e.g., 3x/week for a month) is a better format for their needs. Some people prefer to expedite their recovery process while they have made special efforts to reduce distractions and obligations in other areas of their lives. This treatment approach has been proven to be highly effective, and may be ideal for feeling better as quickly as possible. I have provided massed therapy to dozens of individuals with very successful outcomes.


Clinical consultation: I am available to provide clinical consultation and training to other mental health providers. Please click here for more details.



All services offered are on a fee-for-service basis and payment is due at the start of session. You may submit payment by credit card through the secure Simple Practice online portal, or by cash or check if you prefer. Standard fees are listed below and you may view more information on your Right to Receive Good Faith Estimate here.

I do not currently accept insurance but can provide a monthly “superbill” that can be submitted to insurance companies for possible reimbursement. Please check your specific insurance plan to determine whether/how much you may be reimbursed. Insurance companies will generally consider me to be “out of network.” PPO insurance plans usually reimburse some percentage for “out of network” providers.

Individual Therapy and Assessment:

  • $240 for a 53 minute session
  • $330 for an 85 minute session

Cancellations: Please cancel sessions at least 24 hours in advance. Sessions no-showed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be billed at the full session fee as I will be unable to fill the timeslot with another client.

Clinician Consultation: Please contact me to discuss fee.